Day 3

NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Araw ng mga Aklat at Akdang Bayan


Margie Moran-Floirendo is the current chairperson of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. With her passion for the local arts, the former head of Ballet Philippines took CCP under her wing and continues to promote the rich culture of the country. She is also notable for her social work and her former title as Miss Universe of the Philippines during the year 1973.

Listen to her remarks at the Opening Ceremony of Performatura 2021 on November 24, 10 AM to 12:00 NN.


Initiated by the National Book Development Board, The Book Nook is a local project that provides reading centers for families that live in areas where accessibility to books and the internet are limited. From fiction to reference books of different topics, like Culture, History, Science, and Art, both kids and adults can enjoy the works of their fellow Filipinos and inspire them to write their own stories. Along with the wide range of topics are the variety of languages in which they are written to, from English to the diverse Filipino languages. It is also a space where readers can attend workshops in writing and reading, do arts and crafts, as well as storytelling and book clubs.

  • 10 AM-12 NN


The National Book Development Board (NBDB) is an agency which is tasked primarily to formulate and implement a National Book Policy and promote the continuing development of the book publishing industry in the Philippines.


Rebecca is a former head of the NCCA Executive Council Member of the National Committee on Aeta Cultural Communities for the Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts. Rebecca is a cultural activist ensuring that the Aeta heritage will be handed down from one generation to the next. Rebecca was involved in the intensive study on the Origins of the Filipino people conducted by the selected members of the NCCA and the office of the NCCA-Chairman. She champions the causes and the rights of women and children of the Aeta-Magbucon. Currently, she also works as a Program Development Officer at the National Commission on the Indigenous Peoples in Bataan.


She is commonly seen as a regular feature on boat cruises in Lake Sebu. A master chanter noted for her popularization of flirting chants wherein she incorporated winks and teasing smiles and stares as she perform her famous Tboli folk stories. Ye Gas draws her prowess from her years of experience as a mother to her children. Many times separated, she continues to sing in different lullabies. Truly a Boi of chants amongst the Tboli people. A master chanter with the ability to mesmerize her audience. Ye Gas tonal voice has a sweet and whispering but course tonal quality which is an important element of Asian Chants. She captures her audience as she tells stories as well as create songs in-situ.


Regarded by the Tboli people as the Boi of Chants commonly known as Boi Lemingon. Rosie is a Living Treasure of Lake Sebu and the Tboli who can recite the Epic Tudbulul in 4 Episodes namely, the Birth of Tudbulul, The Marriage of Tudbulul, Tudbulul and His 12 Sisters, and Tudbulul the Peacemaker. Rosie works as a Project Development Officer at the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples specifically as coordinator for the local arbitration section in Lake Sebu. She is married to Allen Sula and they are blessed with children. Currently, Rosie is continuing to develop her advocacy of building a school of living traditions for Tboli children who wants to know how to chant. Her Gono Hofo or house of Keeps also known as the house of the chanters located at Brgy, Klubi, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.


Mr. Faisal Monal is an exceptional Moro master artist. He is a dancer, shaman, chanter, and a traditional musician (Maguindanoan Tribe). He plays various Maguindanaon traditional instruments like the kulintang, agong, debakan, babendil, and gandingan.

An opening ritual, the summoning of the spirits or Kapangebat will be performed by master Moro artist, Faisal Monal of Cotabato.


Al-Nezzar Ali is the Book Nook Assistant Project Coordinator. He is a cultural worker and a Moro contemporary artist based in General Santos City.


Rica Palis is the Chair of ARTIST Inc., the site host of Book Nook National Launch. She is also a former member of Umalohokan Inc.

A kanduli ritual to be performed by Al-Nezzar Ali in Maguindanaon and in Filipino by Rica Palis during the Ceremonial Launching of the Book Nook.


Richard is the IT Director of the Philippine Council for Agriculture Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD). He started his theatre stint in 1994 when he joined ARTIST Inc. His storytelling skills were honed by numerous engagements with varied live audiences in different settings. 


Si Virgilio S. Almario ay kilala bilang Ama ng Modernong Panitikang Pambata sa Filipinas. Siya rin ay isang iginagalang na makata, kritiko, guro, at awtor ng mahigit 30 aklat pambata. Noong 2003. idineklara siyang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining para sa Panitikan.


Lesley is a theatre and film actress, TV and events host, training consultant, storyteller, and Creative Director and founder of Make Believe Productions, a creative arts company mounting programs, events, and productions aimed at inspiring the youth and young art heart to communicate expressively through storytelling and the creative arts.

Lesley also worked as a television host for OShopping Philippines on ABS-CBN for six years before ABS-CBN’s closure during the pandemic. She now hosts a regular show for Lazada Live.

Given her diverse experience as an actress and performer, corporate trainer, storyteller, teacher, Creative Director, and TV host, she is able to provide a multi-layered, in-depth, unique, and comprehensive experience for all who work with, train under, or perform with her.


Luisito “Bodjie” Pascua is a Filipino stage and film & TV actor and former children’s television host. He is best known as “Kuya Bodjie” (“Big Brother Bodjie”), the iconic character he portrayed on the children’s educational television program Batibot.

On Batibot, Kuya Bodjie interacted with the other Batibot characters as part of the show’s regular portion. Pascua’s unique claim to fame, however, was a segment called “Mga Kwento ni Kuya Bodjie” (“Kuya Bodjie’s stories”) which featured Pascua telling a new short Children’s story in every episode. Pascua called on his theater skills to make the narration lively and to give each character in the stories their own unique voice.

Pascua’s stage appearances include Cabaret, Fire, Water, Woman, Mass, 1896, Zarzuela, Battalia Royale, and Hamlet, as well as numerous musicals written by composer Ryan Cayabyab such as Noli Me Tángere.

The iconic status of the Kuya Bodjie character has linked him and his distinctive voice to the childhood memories of the generation of Filipino children who grew up during the late 1980s. Jokes and anecdotes about that period often involve a reference to the character, with the speaker imitating Pascua’s signature vocalization, or that of other Batibot characters, such as Kiko Matsing or Pong Pagong, speaking to their “Kuya Bodjie”.


Started in 2013, The Makatas continues the rich Balagtasan and oral poetry tradition. The only group in the country that performs Balagtasan, they offer the inherited tradition of poetic debate and poetry performance wherever the opportunity arises. They are members of Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika, at Anyo (LIRA), an association of poets in the Filipino language.


Dakila Cutab is a nocturnal poet, construction worker, and once a salesman at an eco-store on Maginhawa Street. He released his first collection of poems titled Puro Forma at Konting Landi in 2017. He was already married to his ex-girlfriend before the lockdown in 2020.


Ralph Fonte is a writer and a physician from Metro Manila. His writings have appeared in various publications such as Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, Cordite Poetry Review, and LIKHAAN. His poems have also won awards in several competitions such as the Gawad Carlos Palanca and Gawad Maningning Miclat. He is one of the voices of Ang Sabi Nila Radyo and the editor of Tula sa Filipino ng Ilahas, an internet literary periodical. He now works as a doctor in Palawan. There are many crows outside his window.


Karl Isaac Santos is currently busy as a communications officer of several Environmental and Human Rights organizations inside and outside the country. Occasionally he publishes his poems in public publications, in magazines, broadsheets, literary folios, and others.


“I am Almunshar Alpha Astarani. I am a wonderful, unique storyteller. I am a wonderful storyteller because I am very passionate about sharing meaningful stories to other people. I provide a unique, special experience by telling it in a movie-like experience. The kind of stories I want to tell are funny ones but life-related. By telling stories, I want to make them know that every story has the power to change people’s lives.


“I am Jholaica Barron of Columbio Sultan Kudarat. I am a wonderful storyteller because I always give life with extra colors in every story that I share. I am the gem to my own story. Having a pleasing and wonderful purpose is my key. I provide a unique, special experience by letting people realize how important it is to always be open with the different stories, understanding the true message of a story. The kind of stories I want to tell are about our culture, and of course about tourism. As a graduate of BS Tourism Management, I really wanted to share stories by putting a taste of travel guiding and letting people experience places with mythical and magical stories. By telling stories, I want to leave a legacy to every child giving a good moral lesson and enlightening everyone about love and what it could offer.”



Dante Francis M. Ang II is the chairman of the National Book Development Board. He also heads The Manila Times, one of the most highly respected national daily newspapers in the Philippines. The Times is a multi-awarded newspaper and is the oldest in the country, having been founded on October 11, 1898. Under Dante’s leadership, The Times has won numerous awards and citations, one of the latest of which was the “Newspaper of the Year” award for 2016 given by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) at a ceremony in Malacañang Palace. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte presented that award to Dante. Besides journalism, Dante’s interests include education and managerial economics. He has a worldly outlook, having lived in three countries and traveled to more than a dozen others in North America, Europe, and Asia. Lastly, he lives a well-rounded lifestyle, balancing hard work with hard play, corporate work, and civic duties.


Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones is a Professor Emeritus at the University of the Philippines-National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP-NCPAG). She has spent most of her life as a teacher. She has taught young children in the church school and students in undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies. Whenever and wherever she delivers a public lecture, she teaches.

Secretary Briones has been involved in the administration of academic institutions. She served as Vice-President for Administration and Finance of the University of the Philippines System. Before her appointment as Education Secretary, she was Chair of the Silliman University Board of Trustees, and Regent and Chair-Designate of the Universidad de Manila.

Her academic and professional competencies range from business administration, accounting, public finance (revenues, expenditures, borrowing, and accountability), public policy, and administration (including local government administration, government corporations, and graft and corruption). Secretary Briones has received numerous awards in recognition of her sterling performance as a public official.


Hon. Loren Legarda is the Deputy Speaker at the Philippine House of Representatives

She currently serves as a member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, representing the Lone District of the Province of Antique.  Prior to her election to the current position in May 2019, she was a three-term member of the Philippine Senate where she chaired the Committees on Finance, Foreign Relations, and Climate Change.   She has authored many laws aimed at improving the lives of Filipinos and promoting inclusive, sustainable, and resilient development.


Charisse Aquino-Tugade is a cultural worker, primary mover for Culturaid, founder of The Manila Collectible Co., founding Director of Museo ng Muntinlupa, and Executive Director of the National Book Development Board (NBDB). With interdisciplinary experience that spans the public and private sector, she creates an environment that empowers and amplifies voices, connecting communities and organizations that otherwise might not cross paths. As the Executive Director of NBDB, she is currently working on the National Book Database to standardize publishing industry metadata and bibliographic information of Filipino-authored publications. She also envisioned and spearheads The Book Nook—storytelling and reading community sites that provide Pinoy books for kids and kids-at-heart from Ifugao to Tawi-Tawi. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and Marketing from San Francisco State University and is pursuing her graduate studies in Museum Studies at Harvard.


Nancy Harrington is the President and Co-Founder of Books for the Barrios, an all ­volunteer non-profit organization that began in 1981 and operates out of its headquarters in the San Francisco East Bay, in Walnut Creek,  California. The group continues to improve the quality of education for generations of young children in underserved regions, with a special focus on schools in the Philippines.


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